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Smartphone guide to Amazon Prime and its functionalities

Amazon Prime Video App Guide is a software service which guides users through the steps required in order to access the official Amazon Prime service package. In other words, this is NOT Amazon Prime itself. However, it may still be useful for those who are unfamiliar with the streaming apps offered through Amazon. This system provides answers to all of the most common questions, potentially saving customers a good amount of time.

Basic Features and Applications

Amazon Prime Video App Guide is essentially a question-and-answer portal. First, the user will navigate to the appropriate section. Clicking on a link will provide detailed explanations of how Amazon Prime functions. Some common issues addressed will include how to sign in and out, how Amazon video services function and the processes required to access films and television programs. This app offers a very user-friendly layout, so it will require no previous experience to operate.

Additional Options

The current version (1.5) was released in February 2017, so it should function well with most modern smartphone operating systems. We should finally note that Amazon Prime Video App Guide is not officially endorsed by Amazon itself. It is merely a third-party application which explains the basics behind the system.


  • A handy guide which enables users to understand Amazon Prime in detail
  • This application will not require much memory to function properly


  • There is no possible way to access Amazon Prime from this portal
  • Many have claimed that this system is misleading in regards to its functions

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